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We believe the power of imagery lies in its ability to create a connection.
The most effective digital marketing campaigns are driven by strong visuals.
Here's how our agency sets you up for success.



Defining your target audience and formulating your message. Writing out your values and unique story.



Translating your values into visuals. Making sure your brand stands out and your message sticks. 



Bringing your content and visual material in front of your audience, right where it resonates and creates results. 

Focal Points

Photography and Film are at the core of our tool set. When zooming into your brand landscape we see all the valuable details that are waiting to be captured.

A two-generation family business with international marketing experience. Focused on growth, guided by expertise.

Vince Eger Portrait Kodiak BC
Director, Visual Communication

Vince Eger

Innovative imagery, entrepreneurial spirit. Many years of experience, professional education and a passion for continuous growth – Vince knows how to create captivating visuals beyond expectations. His passion for filmmaking has been growing strong for over ten years, and he has mastered the artistic synergy of visuals, rhythm, and story. On his time away from camera and screen you can find Vince making the best of BC living on his surfboard, skateboard or snowboard.

Lucie Eger Copywriter Kodiak BC
Copy Writer

Lucie Eger

With a true passion for language and creative writing, Lucie knows how to turn words into a powerful message. Her Psychology background inspires her to create a more personal connection. Lucie has a serious love for travel and seeks to continuously grow and broaden her perspective. As a Yoga teacher, she hopes to inspire community, self-awareness and a conscious way of living.

Johanna Macheledt
Project Manager, Social Media

Johanna Macheledt

A passion for bringing people together and the perseverance it takes to create a true sense of community. Everything Johanna does, she puts her heart and soul into. Initially, her love for surfing opened her eyes to the importance of environmentally conscious living – and she has been a supporter and advocate ever since. Outside of the office, find her teaching a killer Yoga class, catching waves on the west coast or enjoying downtime with Shanti and Nelson.

Karin Eger Kodiak BC
Director, Brand Strategy

Karin Eger-Blenk

Owning and running advertising and marketing agencies since 1992 Karin went from a two-person-operation to 30+ employees and is now coaching the younger generation in finding the balance. She knows what it takes for a company to grow and thrive. As Kodiak’s expert brand strategist, she steers every project in the right direction. Karin savours the wildness and vastness of BC and finds inspiration and serenity in the natural spaces around her. She knows how to create work-life balance through her daily Yoga practice and time dedicated to her passion for writing and music.

Michael Eger Kodiak BC
Director, Visual Communication

Michael Eger

Expertise, stamina, an eye for outstanding imagery. Almost 30 years in the business and Michael’s passion for creating captivating visuals is still growing stronger. A photographer with every fiber of his being, he lives to capture the moment. Together with his wife, Karin, he founded Kodiak in Germany in 1992 and made the move to Canada in 2012. Michael now feels at home in beautiful BC and spends most of his downtime outdoors. You can find him trail-running with the family dogs, fishing with his son Vince, or enjoying the company of family and a nice glass of Merlot in the backyard.

Jonas Eger
Visual Communication

Jonas Eger

Our film and photo talent in Hamburg travels wherever Kodiak Germany or Kodiak BC need his eye for city culture and fashion. Jonas discovered his passion for music videos in his early twenties while writing and performing rap music. At some point it became clear that he felt more at home behind the camera. There is a strong feeling for attitude, vibration and content in his work, and as a true rebel he knows how to get them across to generation Y. Clients like Red Bull, Casio and G-Shock have already tracked him down to make use of that skill.

Stealing the show

Shanti & Nelson

When this brother-sister duo is not out trail-running and exploring, they can be found relaxing in a shady spot or spreading smiles across the office. Follow their adventures on Instagram: @shanti_and_nelson

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